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The Davos Question: Can You Answer It?

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Have an answer for the leaders at DAVOS? Submit a video here or watch others answer it.

Related: And this isn't the answer for the world's problems, I admit. But I have spent part of this morning researching the use of co-operatives as an equitable means of doing micro-business in cross cultural contexts, and one that enables social transformation to take place. I am reading through an old book (1960's) on missions and co-operatives from a Catholic perspective, and, more practically, we are fixing up our studio/art/retail space downstairs to launch our co-operative this May. It will be called The Sorting Room and there will be about 12 micro-businesses connected to it. All the profits from this social enterprise go back to the artists and we hope to launch a charity that will enable other Co-ops to start up in less fortunate places. Anyway ... maybe not a global problem solver, but certainly a big help in our little Scottish town of Stromness. Got to start somewhere.

Speaking of co-operatives, did you know the word "fellowship" means half-shares in a cow? Check it out.

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