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February 23, 2008

Charles Colson here on March 11

0310276039Charles Colson will be turning up here on Tall Skinny Kiwi to chat about his new book called The Faith. March 11. Be here! I am just reading through the book now so I can ask an intelligent question for Charles to answer. He is an interesting guy who was previously known as he "hatchet man" for President Nixon and once described in Slate magazine as the "evil genius behind the evil administration", which sounds to me like a line from an Austin Powers movie. Should be interesting.
Powell CharlescolsonI have talked about Colson back in 2003 when he wrote an article on postmodernism and I don't think we saw eye to eye. Later on, things came to a head when Colson wrote Soothing Ourselves to Death and I responded with Reclusing Ourselves to Death? But it sounds like we are all in a happy place now, and its good to see emerging church people quoted in Colson's book. And anyway, he is my guest next month so I will have to be nice to him.
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While I rarely agree with Chuck Colson, I do have a great amount of respect for his faith and intentions. I've found his radio broadcasts promoting this book to be thought provoking and worth interacting with. I'm too poor to go out and buy it right away, so I am very excited to see that someone is interacting with the material and the author.

One of our Off The Map bloggers helped him correct an erroneous interpretation in a book manuscript regarding a Dawkins quote - I'm not sure if it was in this book or a subsequent one to be published later.

It's always good to be nice to people (imo). I imagine there are some differences in opinion between the two of you.

I'll be interested to read how your chats with Chuck go.

Heard James Dobson interview Chuck Colson this morning on my way to work. It was an interesting pitch for his book, which I am thinking about buying.

I am part of a semi large church ( 1000) members that is going through some identity problems as we search for a new pastor.

We, four couples, have started a home group to see where we are to be heading. We are not content with the corporate church that we have had for the past many years and hope to find out if we are in Gods will, and how we can find it if we are not! That was a mouthful, but we really want to find our place in God's kingdom and get on with what He has for us to be and do. We were told by the church that we should go through a two year training program before we start, but we all feel mature enough to do what we are doing. Hope that doesn't mean we are being rebellious.

Anyway, appreiate your posts on the home and emerging church.

Just checking -- is Chuck's session still going to be here today? I want to be able to link to it from The Point. Thanks!

hi Gina. Michael from Zondervan told me that Chuck is running a little behind schedule but will get his response to me soon. thanks for asking.

Great -- thanks!

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