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Dutch theologians from an emerging church perspective.

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Just got an email from Nico-Dirk of answering a question i put to him when i was in Amsterdam last month. I asked what theologians had influenced him as an emerging church practitioner. His answer:

From email, Nico-Dirk, Netherlands

"A. Kuyper
A free church, a holy nation, by John Bolt (Just a example, I read only Dutch texts of him)

H. Kraemer
The christian message in a non-christian world

J.H. Bavinck
Introduction in the science of missions
The impact of christianity on the non-christian world

J. Verkuyl
Contemporary missiology: an introduction
Tear down these walls, (Dutch only)
Message of liberation in our age,
On the Indonesian question (Dutch only)

K. Schilder,
Christ and culture

H. Dooyeweerd
A new critique of theoretical thought
In the twilight of Western thought
Contours of a christian philosophy by Kalsbeek

There is one crucial remark on Kuyper, Schilder and neocalvism in general: For me, living in the Dutch culture and history, a reading of Kuyper and Schilder is very different compared someone non-Dutch. I recently had a conversation with US based reformed theologian on Schilder. He reads Schilder very different from me. Jamie reads a book form 1932 and interprets it. I read a book from 1932 and interpret it with a full history in my mind, including the outcome of Schilders work in church history. The same about Kuyper, he also played a more questionable role regarding “apartheid” in South Africa. In both cases the “darksides” are more present in my dutch context, both readings are valid in different ways.