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Third Day, Hugh Hewitt and other casualties of TSK namedropping

I hardly ever name drop. My wife says otherwise but often i just happen to know people in certain conversations, or i want to give a link to someone with a little personal information. OK . .. sometimes I name drop.

Like right now.

tallskinnykiwiMark Lee of Third Day (well-known rock band in USA) used the phrase the "wonderful Tall Skinny Kiwi blog" yesterday when he made me BLOG OF THE DAY on his site called This Guy Falls Down. He said he discovered TSK through the recommendation of Hugh Hewitt . . . ah hum . . HUGH HEWITT . . [did you hear that?] and up to this point I am the only God-blogger he reads. Which is interesting, because I think Third Day is the only Christian band I have listened to this year, apart from a Rich Mullins experience one Sunday morning. Now if Mark can convince the whole band to read my blog exclusively, then a TSK t-shirt would be forthcoming.

Anyway, I was thinking about a byline for my new monthly blog banner . . like "Tallskinnykiwi . . . the ONLY God-blog for Third Day" or "Tallskinnykiwi . . .as recommended by Hugh Hewitt" but in the end I decided not to. I am NOT a name dropper!

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