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March 25, 2008

Australia: Speaking in Melbourne and Perth

I will be in Australia next month. Julie Blick [ julesblick at googlemail dot com] is handling my details and schedule if you need to see me or stuff me with pavlova or Penfolds Grange Hermitage or anything. I will be there mainly for the Grassroots Festival and I think it will be a really fantastic time. Sally Morganthaler and some other great speakers, far more interesting than myself, will also be there.

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Melbourne - Grassroots Festival, April 11-13
Perth - Tuesday evening with Geoff Westlake. April 14th. Details coming.


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I'd be happy to ply you with some of the local wines (Grange might be a stretch), but are you coming through southern Queensland on your trip?

I'm looking forward to getting more details about your time in Perth.

I get back from Haiti on Tuesday the 15th so I'm hoping we can catch up.

Let me know if you are made to come by Brisbane.

Unfortunately I think I'll be stuck in Sydney. Was talking to Pete Horsely (Forge NSW) about it some time back though and it sounds like it'll be good.

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