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Derek's birthday

Groomed by Angels

Life is rough.
And then a fresh powder on the slopes makes all the difference.


In Vail, Colorado, I stayed in a wood cabin with lots of cool people. Outside spa surrounded by snow. Valley vistas. Great food. It was a mini-vacation and I feel great. Even after a hard days skiing. I didn't blog but if you were in my shoes, or in my hot-tub, you probably wouldn't feel like blogging either. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Really!!


"Groomed By Angels"
a blessing for the family in Vail.

by Andrew Jones, March, 2008

May the blessings of God fall on you
like the powdered snow.
May the sweet sound of the songbird
carry your conversations into new vistas.
May the mountains that block your way
be thrown into the sea
and the valleys of injustice
be leveled by God's outstretched arm.
May you turn on your toes
to follow the path carved out before you
and may He strengthen your knees
to carry the foreboding weight
of possibilities yet unattempted.
May the winding runs of your pilgrimage
be groomed by angels
and may your reckless descent
into the fulness of God's future
be colored by the delightful laughter of children
and proved victorious by the One
who calls us gently forward
to something just beyond our reach
but never beyond what we can bear.