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5 Web 2.0 Spring Cleaning Projects. Done!

Spring is upon us. Here are a few small Web 2.0 projects that I have managed to get done in the past week.

1. Set up Flock as my default browser. (done). Goodbye Firefox and Safari. Flock has been one of the favourite browsers in my harem but now will become my preferred browser-dashboard, Flickr gallery, RSS reader as well as being another blog editing platform, working alongside Ecto.

2. Collate my many web 2.0 life streams into a single multi-streamed gush. (done).

  • Twitter Upcoming YouTube Bebo del.icio.us Digg Facebook Flickr LinkedIn Ning Skype Technorati
  • 3 Storm into Google, gather the bots and train them all to search my blog responsively, regularly, respectfully, and await my every command to either find, hide, dismiss or prioritize my thousands of blog posts. The last one is a doozy. This is all possible through Google Webmaster Tools (done) and submitting to Google a site map of my blog (done).

    4. Add a new and improved web 2.0 friendly template for the blog (done), including a small dashboard for my web 2.0 addictions.(done)

    5. Web 2.0 linked signature for Apple Mail (done)

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