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Barna: Churches Behind in Technology

"Blogging is also invading the ministry world. One-eighth of Protestant churches (13%) now have blog sites or pages through which people can interact with the thoughts posted by church leaders." New Barna Research Describes Use of Technology in Churches.

I appreciate Barna's thoughts and his interview results are helpful,. but I don't see God's people as late-comers to technology, either historically or presently.
The institutional church? OK, maybe.
All right - definitely!
But I am also seeing the other side - the people of God willingly create and use the new technologies. I could name many of the current movers and shakers of the new media revolution and tell you what church they belong to. [but i wont]. However, whether we fully explore the implications of that technology, or the changing mindset that results, is another matter.

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Typepad Themes Added

I like the Typepad blogging platform and have used it since converting from Blogger back in 2003. However, it has lagged woefully behind Wordpress in the aesthetics department. Until now. There's a few new pretty-darn-good-looking typepad themes available as the result of a recent theme making contest. The theme I am using today is called HP Wicked Fun. I will probably leave it up for a few days before hacking into it and making it mine. I think it was made by Gwen Stefani.

update: hacked already. japanese theme continued as a hat tip to gwen.

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Graphing Social Patterns East 2008

I am thinking seriously about attending the Graphing Social Patterns event in Washington, DC. June 9 - 11. Looks fantastic and it will have a bearing on some of the web 2.0 projects we are doing this year, in particular the online platforms for spiritual pilgrimage and justice issues. Anyone else going? I was thinking of asking if i could live-blog the conference in return for a pass. Lets see what they say.

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World Changers - 5 week course

Did you know I watched "Amazing Grace" at the East India Docks in London? Best place to watch it. Really.

BookBob Beltz of Walden Media tells me the World Changers Resource website is now up and a resource kit is offered. Well done! Some of us were hoping for an earlier launch - like - to coincide with the Amazing Grace movie, but at least the Calvary finally came. And its not too late at all to start a 5 week course for a small group journey into what it means to bring transformation to your world in the way William Wilberforce did 200 years ago. Chuck Colson (here on TSK last month) writes a hearty recommendation for the WorldChangers course. [MP3 broadcast here]

Anyway, if you cant afford the whole kit, just buy the book "World Changers Live To Serve" - its got the 5 week small group discussion guide in it.

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World Malaria Day - Project Blackout

My profile is blacked out today on Facebook as part of Project Blackout: One Million Faces Against Malaria.

N11093758954 2945-1"On April 25 - World Malaria Day - we will attempt the most audacious experiment in Facebook history. We will attempt to blackout all the profile pics on facebook. This will be done to draw attention to the one million faces every year that die from malaria."

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