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In Perth, Western Australia

Blog Talk

DarrenandandrewjonesI met up for coffee with Problogger Darren Rowse in Melbourne for our first face-to-face. We were talking about doing a blogging event together at next years SXSW in Austin.

The Pope got blogged on his USA tour.

Wikio - Top BlogsAnother badge for my collection from a new portal in town. "Wikio is Europe's number 1 news portal and we have recently launched our Top UK Blog rankings where your blog TallSkinnyKiwi currently stands at number 75"

Godblogcon blogging convention will be held in Las Vegas Sep 19-21. I will be one of the speakers. Details are not up yet but you might want to start planning to be there.

Internet Monk, on behalf of the Asbury Bloggers Society, puts forward a list of top bloggers Leading the list is . . . hey . .wait a minute . . thats ME!!! [sounding surprised] . . . what incredible foresight and impeccable taste has our IM friend.
"1. Tall Skinny Kiwi- Is there a better blog to model everything we all like about blogging? Andrew blogs his life without going into cat pictures. He blogs ministry, important ideas, and contemporary developments in evangelicalism with equal ease. It’s a visually interesting blog that makes all of us consider what a comprehensively interesting blog should be. At Andrew’s blog everything is in balance and familiar, but also constantly changing and fresh." Internet Monk, The Distinquished Faculty of the IM School of Blogging
Thanks Michael. BTW have you seen my cat called Charlie Chaplin? Really, check it out. Charlie Chaplin, now older and bigger, is missing at the moment and we are hoping she [yes, a girl] will make her way back home. Say a prayer for Charlie.

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