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Michel Serres

Barna: Churches Behind in Technology

"Blogging is also invading the ministry world. One-eighth of Protestant churches (13%) now have blog sites or pages through which people can interact with the thoughts posted by church leaders." New Barna Research Describes Use of Technology in Churches.

I appreciate Barna's thoughts and his interview results are helpful,. but I don't see God's people as late-comers to technology, either historically or presently.
The institutional church? OK, maybe.
All right - definitely!
But I am also seeing the other side - the people of God willingly create and use the new technologies. I could name many of the current movers and shakers of the new media revolution and tell you what church they belong to. [but i wont]. However, whether we fully explore the implications of that technology, or the changing mindset that results, is another matter.

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