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Blog World Expo 2008 - I am going!

Blog World Expo is the worlds largest Blogging conference. There will be about 2000 people there in Las Vegas, Sep 20-21 and I will be one of them because i am speaking at GodblogCon 2008, a smaller conference inside the larger that i will tell you more about in a few days. But since I was going to be there anyway, i also inquired about speaking at BlogWorldExpo as well as Godblogcon. Today is the last day for speakers applications and I sent my one in yesterday. I suggested a talk on the history of a decade of religious blogging and where it is headed, something similar to what i taught at Greenbelt Arts Festival. Lets see what they say.

Blog World Expo 2008 Las Vegas

Hey - if you are considering attending GodblogCon and BlogWorldExpo, please buy your ticket through me because I will get ten percent commission and that will help me pay for my Gospel Brunch on Sunday. Just wait a few days for me to get my affiliate program worked out. THANKS!. Watch this space.

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