Charismania and Emergent Snobbery
David Pierce on Tall Skinny Kiwi

Carson or Keller at an Emerging Church Festival?

Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago today. Hey, if anyone there chats to D.A. Carson or Tim Keller, please invite them on my behalf to one of the many emerging church festivals this summer in Europe. People of their calibre don't usually make it to the festivals here, despite thousands of young people who really appreciate some good Bible teaching. There is no honorarium and you have to pay for your own flight, and you might end up in tent and lining up for port-a-loo access but then so do the other speakers - which of course limits the kinds of speakers who choose to come to these events.

I got asked to speak at SLOT Festival in Poland today and said i would do one session - hopefully in the Kiwi Cafe. Its a fantastic festival. About 5000-6000 young people. Unfortunately I can only be there for 2 days and they need teachers who can give a good 5 day series like Sy Rogers did last year. Now that would be a good one for Carson. He could not only teach for hours each day but he could also meet a lot of emerging church leaders from all over Europe. In fact, we are having a roundtable at SLOT this year for leaders and he could speak to us all and pray over us. Good idea?