Emerging House Church Movement
Carson or Keller at an Emerging Church Festival?

Charismania and Emergent Snobbery

Just when the Christian blogosphere was quietening down,
just when the EC critics were running out of things to say,
just when EC promoters were rehashing and remashing old posts,
just when the blog-dust was settling,
all of a sudden . . .
there came a man named John.

Mike Morrell joins the gazillions of others bloggers posting about John Crowder in what he calls his most ambitious blog post to date called Charismatic Chaos or (Holy) Spirited Deconstruction? in which he suggests there is a little "emergent snobbery". You will find the post right under his incredibly long lists of tags including "glory realm" "sloshed in the spirt" and "gold dust".

Also relevant: I just read the manuscript for Phyllis Tickles book 'The Great Emergence'. FANTASTIC book! Comes out later this year. What's interesting is that she ties the emerging church movement directly to the charismatic movement (as Luke Walker did in "Remembering Our Future") and points to John Wimber as proto-emergent. Uhmmmm . . try squirming out of that one!
TSK: PostCharismatic? and New Charismatics

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