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Dr Reg Codrington on the Emerging Church

You all know the ubiquitous South African Graeme Codrington from his many writings on Future Church, etc. But did you know that his dad, the venerable Dr Reg Codrington has written a great review and synthesis of 5 emerging church books, drawing upon his vast four decades of experience? He responds to books by Carson, Mclaren, McNeil, Claibourne and Sweet. Its about the most honest review I have ever read. He doesnt take sides and has no ax to grind. Behold . . . I give you . . .

Dr Reg Codrington on the Emerging Church

I just love the internet when it allows everyone a voice, no matter where they live. Its Web 2.0, for crying out loud! Its about DRIVEWAYS, not highways, connecting PEOPLE not organizations, its about tiny CANALS, not huge railroads. Its about connecting real people like Graeme's dad who has something important to say with the rest of us who need to hear it.

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