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The Emerging Church Gathering in Latin America

"I am having a great time here . . . plus Freddi from Paraquay is here as well."
Trevor McPherson (Vancouver, BC) from Underground Railroad who is in Brazil this weekend for the Tribal Generation event.

He is talking about Freddi who was at our Roundtable in Freakstock Festival, Germany in 2006. Thats Freddi on the left with some others from Lebanon, Brazil and Hajo and Rebecca from Germany whose blog i just visited to grab this photo. Oh - that guy in the middle with the big smile is the legendary Pastor Bob from Tennesee.


Foto 1Original Post: Every two years, leaders from many emerging church networks around Latin America get together in Brazil for Encontro/Tribal Generation. This year its happening again - May 21-24. I was invited to speak, again, but alas, we are launching our Cooperative space the same weekend so I cant come. [My aplogies, Olgavaro]. Details at Tribal Generation website.

Conteudo 03

Tribal Generation call themselves a "movement aimed at stimulating the implementation of new churches focused on the emergent generation known as the urban tribes." I have talked about them in my post "I go to Rio". I also have a blog post with the famous Olgavaro Bastos Jnr. from Brazil who has been with me for roundtables and training events in various places including Tokyo, Colombia, Prague and Sheffield Austin but alas, the videos on his site seem to have moved. Someone please let me know where they are?

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