The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing And Why, by Phyllis Tickle
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A bunch of stuff and links at the end of the week.

Stuff: John Crowder turns up Mike Morrell's blog and shows that he really does have a brain. A new blog for Aussie Geoff Westlake called WWWestlake. Seth Godin gives good advice on non-profits and philanthropy. I wont even mention the white trash pastor who got arrested for solicitation in a Wal-Mart parking lot . . . ahh . . forget i said that . . and forget i mentioned Mark Driscoll's message on masturbation and men that churn their own butter, encouraging John Bloom to coin the word "Masturbergent". Oh . . I didnt say that in the first place . . good. Ten reasons why the Emerger didn't cross the road, and why the Reformed guy didn't do any better. And lastly, my friend Cybersoc, currently in Amsterdam teaching on social media, insists on showing off his phone video streaming through which apparently converges with Twitter, and rubbing my nose in the sore fact that my 3 year old Motorola cant handle the new technology. And that sucks! But one day God will judge the Qik and the Dead. Have a nice weekend everyone.