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Emerging Philanthropy Spotlight No. 1: The Indian Taxi Fund

Philanthropy at COF: blogs, buzzwords and books

“You are a better grantmaker if you do blogs.”
Susan Berresford (ex-Ford Foundation) at the Emerging Leaders Salon, Council on Foundations 2008

"Bloggers are not reporters . . .
they bring a multi-disciplinary approach to thinking about philanthropy."

Sean S.S, Tactical Philanthropy on bloggers.

Blogs to watch this week from the Conference:
- Tactical Philanthropy, whose 18-person blogging team at the conference is composed primarily of program officers and directors of Foundations.
- Philanthropy 2173
- Council of Foundation Blog

I submitted mine on the Philanthropy 2173 blog as part of a call for crowdsourcing. I suggested these ones.
local, micro-loans, tiny, for-benefit enterprise, fourth sector, Co-operative, gift economy, leverage, wisdom of crowds, transparency,

Books to buy:
"Grassroots Philanthropy" by Bill Somerville was published in Feb. Might be worth a read.
Creating Change through Family Philanthropy: the Next GenerationCreating Change through Family Philanthropy: the Next Generation

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