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1024 Window

I am working on a small presentation for tonight for a project I am calling the 1024 window. A billion people are online and they are viewing the world and finding answers through a screen that is most likely 1024 pixels across and 768 pixels high. The most popular display resolution in the world is 1024 x 768. Fact is, when those one billion people need some information, they use a search engine and aggregate the results that show themselves on the window, or the 1024 window to be exact. I will present some ideas tonight on the challenge and opportunities of "screenagers", Generation Text and bloggers as a new kind of scribe. Its not a big meeting tonight, not big at all, actually, and I just hope both of these guys will really like the idea.

Missionaries have talked a lot about the 10/40 window as the place of greatest need and by employing the term 1024 (10/24) window, I am certainly not trying to take away any attention from the two thirds of the world's population that live in the 10/40 geographical area of the world. God knows we need to keep our resources flowing to those countries. But I am suggesting that a new grid has arisen that deserves our attention - the one billion people who access information through screens, a number which will no doubt continue to grow as more of the world gets connected.

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btw - I just bought the domain name to be a home for the project i am proposing tonight (details to follow). i cant find any evidence of anyone using the phrase "1024 window" but if you have previously heard or used the term, please let me know so i can keep my facts straight. And if you think the term is totally lame, then feel free to leave your complaint below.