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Amsterdam: Meeting Phil Graf, Carl Raschke and Hugh Halter

Here are some more details on my strategic meeting with some fellow conspirators in Amsterdam a few days ago. Let me introduce them to you.

Phil Graf (left) is the missional training for a really stiff-upper-lip mission organization (just kidding) called Christian Associates. He also knows his beers pretty well and enjoys the Trappist ales from Belguim like I do. I stayed with Phil and his family during my time in Amsterdam and the emerging church gathering earlier in the year was also in their house.

Carle Raschke is a guy I have wanted to meet for many years. He is an intellectual from Texas who has published more books than he can remember and they all seem to have controversial titles like The Next Reformation: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity. His latest book was sent to me a few months ago by the publisher for comment but I didnt get my thoughts to him on time. The book is GloboChrist:The Great Commission Takes a Postmodern Turn and its an excellent walk through postmodern thinking that reminded me that we really cant afford to move ahead without a serious consideration of this movement. And Carle tackles things that you have heard from me such as the rhizomic nature of the internet and church 2.0. And Carl appreciates Belgium Trappist ales although I think he would be just as happy with a Shiner Bock from Texas. Heres a PDF sample of his new book.

Hugh Halter I met ages ago in Portland, Oregon where we both used to live. He is in Denver now with Church Resource Ministries and has published an excellent book called The Tangible Kingdom. Great guy. Likes beer, but he really doesnt know what the heck he is drinking.