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Four Steams: Emerging, Missional, Mosaic, Monastic.

Tom Sine has an excellent article online called Joining the Anabaptist Conspirators which draws from his book. He lists 4 kinds of activists in this movement that is redefining Christianity.: Emerging, Missional, Mosaic and Monastic.
I really like this! Where do we fit? I see all 4 streams in what we are doing. Sorry if that throws a spanner in the works but they are streams, not oceans. HT: My Aussie mate Jarrod who gets a mention in the article and also recommends a radio interview on Anabaptism and its transcript.

Related: On Monday 23rd of June there will be a coordinated syncroblog on the word "missional" by a few dozen bloggers including myself. Rick is calling it a Missional Syncroblog experiment which is the same thing we used to call a Grid-blog about 5 years ago when Ashley stumbled on the idea of synchronized blogging using tags.


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