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London - Museum, Library, Borough Market and of course the Tate Modern

I am giving myself the morning off. I am in London, in between my Netherlands and Norway meetings and I am off to educate my mind and sharpen my artistic appreciation. Ashlee House, my favourite hostel, is kicking me out because they are full up so I will stay at the Clink hostel around the corner - its a 200 year old building that been a prison, a place of work for Charles Dickens and the site were The Clash were on trial. But heck . . . why am I telling you this when I can be checking out the colorful Egyptian Bibles and Greek manuscripts at the library? Huh????? So I will make like a tree and get out of here.

1024 Window

I am working on a small presentation for tonight for a project I am calling the 1024 window. A billion people are online and they are viewing the world and finding answers through a screen that is most likely 1024 pixels across and 768 pixels high. The most popular display resolution in the world is 1024 x 768. Fact is, when those one billion people need some information, they use a search engine and aggregate the results that show themselves on the window, or the 1024 window to be exact. I will present some ideas tonight on the challenge and opportunities of "screenagers", Generation Text and bloggers as a new kind of scribe. Its not a big meeting tonight, not big at all, actually, and I just hope both of these guys will really like the idea.

Missionaries have talked a lot about the 10/40 window as the place of greatest need and by employing the term 1024 (10/24) window, I am certainly not trying to take away any attention from the two thirds of the world's population that live in the 10/40 geographical area of the world. God knows we need to keep our resources flowing to those countries. But I am suggesting that a new grid has arisen that deserves our attention - the one billion people who access information through screens, a number which will no doubt continue to grow as more of the world gets connected.

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Amsterdam: First Strategic Meeting

My first meeting in Amsterdam was very strategic. I met with Phil Graf, missional coach with CA, and we rode some wobbly old bikes down to a cool pub to watch Amsterdam beat Romania 2-0. We drank Grolsh out the front and yelled at the large screen with the Dutch. When we scored, everyone stood up at once and the bench tipped up. I was sitting on the end of the bench and nearly lost it. Anyway, a good start to my meetings. As for Phil and Christian Associates who are starting missional churches all over Europe, well, I guess i will hear more about them next time I come through Amsterdam.

This week: Amsterdam, London, Norway

This week my travels take me to Amsterdam, London (Cell UK European Symposium) and Norway (Dawn Europe meeting in Kristiansund). I am not doing any big public meetings but you can read what happened when i went to Amsterdam earlier this year and the emerging church folk came out of their holes. I see that WiMax congress on mobile internet is on and I might see if there is a way i can sneak in without paying the 2000+ Euros. Gatecrashing conferences is not a habit of mine, although its true i did sneak into the Amsterdam 2000 Billy Graham gathering for evangelists nearly 8 years ago . . . in the exact same building . . . now if i can just remember how I did it.

DoYouDiggIt Dug My Diggins and I can Dig that

"Naturally not all of us are as religiously inclined as Andrew is, but even those who waiver in faith, or stand strong yet are in need of a higher level of understanding, have something of value to learn from Andrew. Andrew presents emerging religion and related issues, but is not preachy or overbearing in any way. His blog is as a blog should be—a platform for conversation and education." What A Tall Skinny Kiwi Can Tell You About Faith And Life In These Modern Times,

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If a way to a man's heart is through his stomach then the way to a blogger's heart is through his ego. Really, giving us a mention is like throwing a peanut to a monkey, or a hundred dollar bill to a televangelist [ . . . ahh . . no similarity intended . . ] Do You Diggit have a profile on my blog today and I am VERY HONORED indeed to get a mention. Thanks!

If you are interested in blogging AND the new media then please come to BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and hear me speak on Godblogging and the missional church, sponsored by the good people at GodblogCon who are running their micro-conference inside the bigger one. My gosh! Did that blogger just turn an innocent post of gratitude to DoYoudiggit into a flippin' advertisement?What a PIMP! Details on BlogWorldExpo here.

Four Steams: Emerging, Missional, Mosaic, Monastic.

Tom Sine has an excellent article online called Joining the Anabaptist Conspirators which draws from his book. He lists 4 kinds of activists in this movement that is redefining Christianity.: Emerging, Missional, Mosaic and Monastic.
I really like this! Where do we fit? I see all 4 streams in what we are doing. Sorry if that throws a spanner in the works but they are streams, not oceans. HT: My Aussie mate Jarrod who gets a mention in the article and also recommends a radio interview on Anabaptism and its transcript.

Related: On Monday 23rd of June there will be a coordinated syncroblog on the word "missional" by a few dozen bloggers including myself. Rick is calling it a Missional Syncroblog experiment which is the same thing we used to call a Grid-blog about 5 years ago when Ashley stumbled on the idea of synchronized blogging using tags.


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Refreshed after a blog-free weekend and off again on travels.

Ahhh . . life without blog. We all need it every once in a while. I am pleased to say I didn't blog all weekend and kept away from my computer almost entirely.

I did, on the other hand, catch up on some reading. Books included Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel (highly recommended, despite a poor title), The Courage to be Protestant by David Wells (not recommended, despite David being a great teacher and writer of the fabulous chapter on 'prayer as rebellion against the status quo' in Perspectives), Why We're Not Emergent by Ted Kluck and Kevin Young (recommended as one of my top 5 emerging-church-critical books but it is more a look at 5 controversial books than the wider emerging church - dang - if the emerging church was what they say it is, i would not be emergent either . . .) And, as my fathers day gift to myself, I stayed in bed on Sunday morning (with breakfast provided by daughter Elizabeth) and got to dip into The Mission of God by Chris Wright which has to be one of the very best books on my shelf and one that is too big to read in a single sitting but perfect for dipping in and out of to re:calibrate my mind around the missional hermeneutic of the Bible and to remind me again why I am arrogant enough to suggest, along with Chris, that it is a far superior framework to understand the Scriptures. I also pulled out my 1835 leather bound version of D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation and was enjoying the parallels between that revolution and the one we are going through today we are calling the emerging church.

We turned the Sorting Room into a micro-threatre on Saturday night and played a Serbian movie. On Sunday afternoon, since the windows were blacked out and the projector set up anyway, we played A Night at the Museum and invited dads and their kids. We ate popcorn and pizza heated up on the Rayburn wood stove and it was a really good experience.

Cleaning attic today because Dan Hughes and his 2 daughters will be here in a week from Dallas (Dan is the vintage blogger behind They Blinked).

I leave tonight for a weeks worth of meetings. I will be in Amsterdam for Wednesday for a missions meeting with some American friends and I hope to stick my head in the WiMAX Forum Global Congress and check out the future of mobile broadband . Then off to London on Thursday for day 2 of the Cell UK European Symposium. Saturday and Sunday in Kristiansund, Norway with the Dawn Europe Network to discuss the future of church planting movements across Europe and our tiny, inconspicuous part in the whole scheme of things.

Appreciate prayers for travel and for wisdom in my meetings and for my family at home, safety and sanity and the comforting knowledge of God as their Father and Portion. I will probably not be blogging much so have a great week everyone and Happy Fathers Day for yesterday to all the Dads.

Entertainment theology and Post-Christian Spirituality and stuff.

John Morehead interviews Barry Taylor on entertainment theology and pop culture and his new book. Barry is a friend from way back and an amazing guy.

I also noticed that John Morehead will be teaching at the Post-Christiandom Spiritualities at Trinity University. My mate Steve Hollinghurst is one of the moderators. Dr James Beverley will teach on evangelicals and the emergent church. Dr Beverley was RobbyMac's teacher at Tyndale so he should have a good handle on what his students are doing with their emerging church efforts. Should be good. I might even go.

Emerging/Emergent vs Radical/Reformed - who will get us out of this mess?

"In contrast to the solution proposed by Wells, the emerging/missional/neo-monastic churches (the pieces that I applaud) seek to recover community, wholistic gospel, embodied incarnational presence in the world, corporate spiritual formation and the sense of cosmic Mission."

David Fitch puts his money on the E's in response to David Well's book 'The Courage to Be Prostestant', which prefers the R's.

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