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Viva La Vida: What is Coldplay singing about?

"My missionaries in a foreign field"
I have to confess: that line in Coldplay's new song "Viva La Vida" caught my ear. I bought the album a few weeks ago and really like it. I have played the number one song Viva La Vida a few times with my kids, reading the lyrics, and taking a few guesses as to the meaning. Is Chris Martin thinking of a historical figure (King Louis as the cover art suggests or Caesar in Rome?) or is he thinking of himself, having made himself a king with false words (castle on sand) and having a girlfriend leave him when she found out the truth - thus the tumbling down of the kingdom? Or is it a deeper spiritual song that goes beyond relational conflict and historical precedents? Its worth a ponder. Someone on askYahoo asks if it is a Christian song? No - but there are a lot of biblical references (pillar of salt, head on a silver plate, castles on sand, sword and shield, etc).
Any thoughts?