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A Little Book on Poverty and Glory

The future of writing, as I suggested on a blogging interview a few days ago, has to do with both freely accessible content online for the masses and at the same time with fine, long-lasting bespoke books for the few. Amy McDonald Chapman's A Little Book on Poverty and Glory is one of those such books.

Poverty-1Only 200 copies have been printed and each one is numbered and signed. Each book is a piece of art. It was written prayerfully and thoughtfully over a number of years. It was printed on a letterpress printing machine from plates and then stitched and bound. The artwork is from Linnea Spransy. The design by Kim Garza won an AIGA book cover award.

What I am saying is . . .

this is not just a book . . .

this is an Amy McDonald Chapman book.

And there are a few copies left.

Both Amy and Linnea are dear friends of ours and both walked part of the Camino de Santiago with us in Spain. In a brief moment of passionate extravagance and unbridled mercy, Amy married some vagabond clown named Derek Chapman in our back yard in Prague. Since then, she has suffered much and learned much through living with Derek. Maybe that should be another book? A Little Book on Patience and Grace?