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Alan Creech's short history of the emerging church

"You've got to understand that many of us have been doing what we're doing, in some form, for much longer than the term emerging church has even existed."
Alan Creech, What I am and what i am not - or a short history and explanation of the wider "emerging church".

Back in 2001, when I could name less than ten faith bloggers, Alan Creech was one of those names. He has been in this scene for a really long time and has written a superb article on Next Wave which looks at the various types of organic, simple churches that often [but not always] come under the emerging church banner. I really like his article, and I appreciate the emerging catholic thoughts.

Speaking of Catholic and emerging church, guess what came in the mail today? A 40 year old set of books called "The Emerging Church", written by William Kalt and Ronald Wilkins (Catholic writers), published June 5, 1968. Quote from the book "The mature Christian of the future will not belong primarily to a Christian denomination: he will belong to a community of people who believe in the Christian interpretation of life." page 230.

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