On the sleeper train to London
World Youth Day

Should Evangelicals "Unload the Slackers"?

I was in London this morning and I stopped in for an 11:30am service at All Souls Church, spiritual home of John Stott and a pilgrimage spot for evangelicals. Speaking of evangelicals, check out this article from the Star-Telegram.

"Evangelicals need to hew even more closely to the most conservative and literalist standards of the Bible. They need to stop making nice to attract seekers. They need to unload the slackers."

Did she say unload the slackers??????

Also in the article is this: "They’re admitting what their own studies show — that evangelicals almost never convert a native-born American who wasn’t raised in a church. That most evangelical growth comes from stealing the sheep from other denominations. And that they’ve stolen about all they can. . . They’re also admitting that most evangelicals won’t evangelize. And if they did, it wouldn’t get them anywhere because the usual methods don’t work."

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