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Emerging Church: A Ridiculously Subjective Account

Heres the poster for my session at Greenbelt Festival this month. Click to enlarge. Hear me talk at 4:30pm in the CMS Small Tent, Sunday 24th August. For those unfamiliar with Greenbelt Festival and lacking in a sense of humor, let me assure you this is a very tongue-in-cheek account and should not be tried at home.

emerging church like a box of chocolates

ORIGINAL: Greenbelt 2008 Session One: The Emerging Church is Like a Box of Chocolates

"According to this ridiculously subjective narrative, the birth of Andrew Jones launched the global counterculture and his first voluntary visit to a church in 1968 signaled the beginning of the emerging church movement. Like Forrest Gump, Andrew is the accidental witness who tells the story the best he can but remains mostly clueless."

I submitted the titles of my two sessions at Greenbelt Festival. They will be hosted by Church Mission Society and there is still time to edit them if you can think of something better. Love some feedback. Is it just a stupid idea or is there some value is telling the story from one person's point of view? What should be included and excluded?

My previous talks at Greenbelt are here, including The Spirituality of Blogging.

Read on for others speaking at this venue.

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Heres a program from Jonny Baker on the emerging church and mission related events at this CMS Small Tent Venue

anyway here’s the cms small tent programme – Sat –
10:30 Serum – space to explore Christian spirituality hosted by Naz
12-1pm mission in spiritual market place with Jonny, Ben and Laura
1-2 Networking and learning opportunities for mission leaders
2-5 Business as unusual 1 Shannon Hopkins
4-5 in CMS main venue – reimagining Christian thinking on other religions – Richard Sudworth
5-6 gender and youth work – Jenny Baker
6-7 mission service opportunities

10-30-12 Serum
12-1 God as Flow – Richard Passmore
1-2 Climate Change – James Pender
4:30 Skinny on the emerging church – Andrew Jones
5:30 Spirited exchanges with jenny macintosh
6:30 new monasticism – Mark Berry
7-8 Asbojesus.com – Jon Birch

10-11 CMS main venue – Yemi and Jonny head to head discussing African certainty vs emerging doubt
11-12 Aradhna
12-1 Bible in 60 minutes – Paul Thaxter
1-2 Cafe church in bangalore – Jacob Isaacs
2-3 mission in 1024 window – Andrew Jones (i.e. your computer screen)
3-4 Spirited exchanges with jenny Macintosh
4-5 discussion around ordinaton and pioneer ministry with Stephen Croft and Paul Thaxter