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Catch Up Blog Post

- Back from Chichester, England where i officiated at some friends wedding blessing. Debbie came also.
- Wedding went really well. Great to see lots of friends down in Chichester.
- Debbie and I missed our flight and stayed a little longer but got another flight for no extra charge.
- Jenna White watched our kids in Orkney while we were gone for the weekend. THANKS! She also danced on stage at the local Baptist church last Sunday and did really well.
- A commenter recommends reading this long but interesting Todd Bentley blog post which starts in May and tracks the whole story.
- The news in on the TV and will stay on as long as Hurricane Gustav threatens the USA coast.
- I am writing and posting some thoughts on GloboChrist: The Great Commission Takes a Postmodern Turn that will appear on the Church and Postmodern Culture blog today.