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Crafting a good question for the blogosphere

john mark reynoldsJohn Mark Reynolds advises on crafting a good question for the blogosphere:

1. Don't ask questions to which you know the answer.
2. Don't write about things you know little about.
3. Do read books or online material related to your question.

John Mark has been a great inspiration behind whats going on here and we have had some hilarious moments over the past 2 days.

At my session yesterday, I also suggested asking good questions on your blogs. I suggested the woman at the well in John 4, as a proto-blogger, used the question "Could this be the Christ?" to gain interest in coming out to see Jesus. Although its also possible she knew the answer and therefore may have failed Number 1 of Reynolds Laws of Well-Crafted Questionsthat he has just delivered to us.

Funny to see my blog post from earlier today on the Blog World live feed screen behind him as he speaks. Why is it there? I think because there hasn't been very much blogging going on here at Blog World, not as much as one would expect from a BLOGGING convention.

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