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My Birthday Today - Want to give me a gift?

My birthday today. I had a big bath, coffee with real cream and now my kids are going to make crepes for me. If they get their lazy butts up, that is. Mum from Australia just called and I chatted with my sister.

And there are 20 [now 50+] birthday messages on my FaceBook wall. THANKS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Because we travel so much and because I am a bit of a geek, I usually get digital presents. This year, someone has put up a Wikipedia article on me. Its not 100% percent accurate but I guess its a beginning and a wonderful present.

Unfortunately, there were no links to external sources and it has been FLAGGED as being highly suspect. Would you like to add some links and edits? Be my guest. The link is here on Wikipedia. Someone has put me down as a "blogger" and thats fine with me. Your edits will be a great birthday present. Actually, I cant remember most of my articles and contributions so if you know of one, dig it up and put a link to it. MUCH THANKS!!!!!!