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Blog Manners

OOPS! This site I was talking about [below] took me by surprise and I thought a mindless political blogger was using my feed in a blasphemous manner. This is not the case. Sorry. I should have taken the time to actually read the blog in question and also I failed to extend grace and love in a forward manner [loves believes all things] and so I APOLOGIZE for MY bad manners and for jumping to conclusions. Read the comments for more info.

Original post with strikethrough:
There are a lot of websites out there that take my feed and stream it on their site WITH A LINK to my site and A NAME so people know I wrote it. Thats fine. I am honored.

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Crafting a good question for the blogosphere

john mark reynoldsJohn Mark Reynolds advises on crafting a good question for the blogosphere:

1. Don't ask questions to which you know the answer.
2. Don't write about things you know little about.
3. Do read books or online material related to your question.

John Mark has been a great inspiration behind whats going on here and we have had some hilarious moments over the past 2 days.

At my session yesterday, I also suggested asking good questions on your blogs. I suggested the woman at the well in John 4, as a proto-blogger, used the question "Could this be the Christ?" to gain interest in coming out to see Jesus. Although its also possible she knew the answer and therefore may have failed Number 1 of Reynolds Laws of Well-Crafted Questionsthat he has just delivered to us.

Funny to see my blog post from earlier today on the Blog World live feed screen behind him as he speaks. Why is it there? I think because there hasn't been very much blogging going on here at Blog World, not as much as one would expect from a BLOGGING convention.

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New Media Frontier and Roger Overton

22-09-08 1325-1

I am at the GodbogCon area hearing A-Team's Roger Overton talk about the book he edited called The New Media Frontier He is also referring back to the days of the printing press. Thats Roger setting up and Dustin Steeve on the right is the main organizer of GodBlogCon. I have a copy of his book and I will be lining up to have him sign it after the session.

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Blog World Going Well

Lovin' it!! Having a great time in a session on corporate sponsorship right now. Before this was Wade Tonkin of Christian Affiliate Marketers who did a session for Godblogcon called How to Support Your Blog ( . . and stay saved). I am about to run over to hear Roger Overton from A-Team blog do a session on new media and then officially release his new book The New Media Frontier.

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Blog World Expo - My Keynote

Rhett Smith liveblogged my keynote at the GodblogCon track. Thanks Rhett! Appreciate it!. Podcast will be released later on, I believe, by Godblogcon. Thanks everyone for coming along. Others attenders who blogged it were Stand to Reason, Acton's Power Blog, Good Blog Editing, KnowItAlls, and Diva Marketing Blog did me great honor.

BlogWorld is going really well. I didnt attend the party last night but went out with Rhett and Andy Jackson. Its a fantastic conference and I'm really glad to be here. The exhibition area just blew my mind. So many new apps - cant wait to pimp up this blog with some new toys and tools.

Picture 2-4

Read on to see my powerpoint

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State of the Blogosphere

I am listening to the State of the Blogosphere here at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. I usually mention this talk by Technorati, year by year, but this is the first time I have actually been in the same room. Cool! Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati is giving the keynote.

Interesting quote: 54% of bloggers blog about personal or lifestyle issues. Personal bloggers are the biggest group.


This is the GLORIOUS rib roast I brought down to England for Christmas. When we bought a side of beef from the farmer, I told the butcher to leave this piece whole because we were feeding a lot of people for Christmas. Doesn't get much better than that if you are a beef eater. Thanks for the photo and lovely poem for me on Love Fiercely.

Standalone Bloggers

“The future of the new media, in my opinion, is moving away from personal sites toward online collectives that are focused on particular interests,” Joe Carter

Ted Olsen at Christianity Today contemplates the future of standalone bloggers, mentioning three of them [including me]. His post is a kind reference to Joe Carter's recent thoughts on standalone bloggers in which I am also singled out as a DYING BREED of bloggers in the midst of a mega-conglomorate-collaborative future. My words, not Joe's. I told you about Joe last week and his new site called Culture 11. Lovely guy! No hard feelings! I feel the love . . . really!


I am not knocking the group blogging efforts here. Au contraire. In 2002 I gathered 40 faith bloggers from a dozen countries and started what might have been the worlds first faith-based global communal blog called A Kingdom Space [now deceased]. And I enjoy reading collaborative blogs as well as the radical individual thoughts of rhizome cowboys.

So even if I am a dying breed of blogger, I still think there is a place for standalone bloggers like me.

- As a standalone blogger, I offer the accountability of a single view point that a reader may or may not agree with but at least everyone knows where that viewpoint is coming from.
- Many people want a filter, not a funnel. A standalone blogger can give the skinny [sorry] on a situation or topic and serve their audience by REDUCING the amount of material to read, rather than turning on the fire hydrant in their face and streaming them with an information overload.

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