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You Might Be A Faith-Blogger IF . . .

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy, I was just thinking up some ideas for my session at GodblogCon in a few weeks when I teach on the missional church in the internet age. You might be a faith blogger, I was thinking . .

IF . . .

- if you sit in the back row of the church because thats where the wifi signal is the strongest

- if your sermons allow both comments and trackbacks

- if you tithe through a widget

- if you think committing the original sin is getting tempted by the latest Apple

- if you pray that God will allow you to upload your photo to the Lamb's Book of Life

- if your prayers are less than 140 characters because thats all Twitter allows

- if you ever wonder why the domain of Satan doesn't have its own URL

- if you think Jesus' command to Peter to "Feed my sheep" was to allow RSS syndication

- if you think streams in the desert is a blog from Las Vegas

. . . then you just might be a faith-blogger!

Now thats funny! I don't care who you are! But now its your turn to throw me a bone. If you add your own faith blogger joke in the comments, I might even use it in Las Vegas at GodBlogCon, which is part of the larger BlogWorldExpo.

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