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"Sex Jab" HPV Story is Express Front Page

The Daily/Sunday Express was another paper that contacted us about our story. When I went down to the supermarket to get some veges for our roast, I was surprised and a little intimidated to see that our ordeal was on the front page on the Express. Headlines were "Girl gets sex jab against her will" which is a little more spicy than I would have wanted but the story is good, iand the Express did a great job of keeping our wish that our daughter's name be anonymous or simply "Gail". They also agreed with us to keep the geographical details out of the picture.

Can I just say - THANKS DAILY EXPRESS - you treated us better than the other 5 newspapers around the UK and we respect you for that!!!!!!!!

For those confused about the title, "sex jab" refers the HPV immunisation program rolling out across UK to help prevent a STD that can cause cervical cancer. I talked about what happened to us earlier on my blog but if you want to join the conversation on this particular Express article, then jump into this chat at Above Top Secret. Hopefully it wont be nearly as mean and nasty as the Sunday Herald discussion yesterday [thanks to those of you that stuck up for us]

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Best quote from the From the Express article was this:

"Medical expert Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth About Vaccines, yesterday said he has fears over the safety and effectiveness of the new vaccine.

His worries are backed by US drug regulators, who have refused to licence the UK version of the controversial jab, manufactured by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, because they believe its safety record has not yet been proven. He said: “The version we are using contains an immune stimulating ingredient – AS04 – with which we have little experience and which may lead to immune related problems in later life.
“I would not give it my daughter. This is being rushed in and it will make billions of pounds for drug companies.”

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