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Supernatural Healing and the Good News

A few years ago, at our home in Prague, I was having a chat with a lovely new age lass. She was describing how she went to the hospital to "heal" someone and how she slowly erected this contraption beside his bed that would hopefully assist the healing process.

I said to her. "You see that guy in the next room? He is also a healer. But he just tells the sickness to go away. And it does. Immediately!"

Chrisdaza-1I was talking about Chris Daza. If you get a chance, and you live in the San Francisco area, Chris is hosting some teaching sessions this week at the YWAM building. Chris is originally from Malawi and now lives in Switzerland. I first heard of him 8 years ago through Wolfgang Simson who told me about his "African Power" nights in Switzerland which always ended up with some really miraculous results and people pointed to the source of that power - who is Jesus. Since then, our families have become close friends.

Don't be expecting a stage show. Don't project what you have experienced with American sensationalism. Go and hear what Chris has to say about the place of the supernatural in evangelism and I know it will surprise you, especially if you have never heard if from an African.