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Recession: The Carnival is Over


Really helpful discussion in the comments of the previous post [Recession: How bad is it?] about the recession and how its affecting our non-profits and ministries. I want to continue it here by picking up on some of the comments and questions that have emerged.

Its obvious that the recession is having a huge impact on all of us. On the negative side, budgets are cut, events are cancelled, and job security is soooooo 2007. On the positive side, organizations are forced to reexamine strategy, expenditure, and use this current recession as an opportunity to retool where necessary.

"This is helping us clarify what we are really all about and how to spend not only our money, but time, energy, prayer, and talent." Michael Kaspr

One of the culprits, as Becky pointed out, are these extravagant Christian conferences (PreacherFests) where participants are asked to pay an exorbitant admission price to go and hear their favorite speaker. Add to that a flight, meals, and a hotel room and there's not much change from A THOUSAND from which to buy the speaker's book to support this weird cottage industry.

Thats a heckofalot! Its also out of reach for many young struggling missional entrepreneurs and it sets an unsustainable example for the rest of the world who try to mimic the West.

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Recession: How Bad Is It?

Is the recession kicking your butt around like it is mine?

recessionMost of our ministry proposals for 2009 were regretfully turned down. That means there are networks and movements in over a dozen countries that we will not be able to support financially next year. It also means we need to tighten our belts and achieve the same goals with less than half our budget. Which I feel confident we will do - I will share our plans in a little while, along with some ideas that might be of use to others in getting over and through the recession.

But first, let me ask the question:

How bad is this recession for you and your ministry or non-profit or church or organization or seminary or charity or tele-evangelist program or whatever you are attempting to lead?

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HPV and our family in the news again

My wife and daughter Abigail are the lead story on the Orkney Today website. This is related to an unwanted HPV jab a few months ago that made the news. This time, a member of Scottish Parliment is upset that Scotland has no minimum age for consent for medical treatment and sexual health services. Our story is the one she is using to push her case. God speed!!!

Heres how it looks in today's newspaper. Click on it to enlarge.


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Hitler and the Emerging Church: Which SVINE made das video?

An enemy has done this. But its really funny so I have to show it. Matt, who posted the video, said it was made by Randy Brandt. Nice job! I must remember to greet him when i see him and SLAP HIS FACE WITH MY LEATHER GLOVES! I am still trying to figure out the identity of that "scrawny kiwi" named Andrew.

This video ranks second in my Top 3 Graphical Slams on Emergent Church of all time:
1. Phil Johnson's Motivational Posters for Emerging Free-for-All
2. Hitler and the Emergent Church video
3. Emergent Collector Cards

Related: Emergent Criticism (2004)

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Emergent Village is Revolting

"Instead of "mission-al" we're going to use "mission-y". Its a bit shorter . . . a little bit more informal . . . and I think it will feel a little warmer to people."
Michael Toy, self-appointed National Director of Emergent Village.

Big revolt going on at Emergent Village with the loss of their National Coordinator Tony Jones. The castle is now being stormed and national coordinators are popping up like daisies. Marko lists a few of them including Michael Toy's brave and brilliant attempt.

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I am in London. somehow. I was viewing a motorhome conversion yesterday which didnt work out and am about to get back up to Scotland. Had an enjoyable brekkie with Jonny Baker this morning at St John Bread and Wine and Juli was able to come also.

I really love London. We walked past the place where Salvation Army had their first indoor service in the 1800's.

Pentecostals and the Emerging Church

Why were Pentecostals were ignored in the early emerging church movement? My Assembly of God friend Earl has some answers in his article Can We Be Pentecostal and Emergent?

Reason Number One: "Origins: Early and influential EmChurch authors, webbers, and speakers were almost all from outside the P/C [Pentecostal] movement. Many were Reformed. Lots of the EmChurch plants were actually SBC [Southern Baptist Church] under the hood, including significant amounts of low profile capital investment."

Reason Number Six: 6. "No show: Pentecostals tend to be doers, while a lot of EmChurch influencers tend to be thinkers (this is my patronizing reductionism—sorry). Result: we simply didn’t show up for work when the EmChurch was gaining momentum, largely loosing our opportunity to have a voice in the dialogue." Link

I met Earl about 6 years ago in Seattle (I think) and he interviewed me for something he was working on. I try to keep up with his writings and journey as a leader in the Assembly of God. His article is good but comments elsewhere show that there is a lot of confusion still out there and there is still much work to do. I am also thankful to Phyllis Tickle for including the Vineyard and others in her synthesis of the key streams and influences in The Great Emergence.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I heard there is a group of Assembly of God leaders coming to my meetings today so I am reading up on what they might want to ask me.

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Off to Ireland for Emerge Gathering

Just heading off to the airport. I am going to Galway, Ireland for the weekend for 'Emerge' - the final installation in a series of conversations and trainings regarding the church emerging. And the speaker for the final session is . . . uhhh . . ME . . actually.

Picture 13-2

Not sure if there are spaces available but it might be worth asking if you live in Ireland. For details on this Church of Ireland sponsored event which is called "Emerge Gatherings for Todays Leaders" talk to Shane Tucker who is throwing the party and tell him you subscribe to my blog.

I really love Ireland - the music, the laughter, the craic, the spirituality. On previous visits to Ireland I have taught on Celtic spirituality in Glendalough, emerging church and Celtic spirituality north of Belfast, and about whatever came into my head at a house church meeting in Dublin. No, actually, it was one of the stories of Jesus.

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