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Cliff Lectures: The Emerging Church Movement is a Sustainable Church Movement

The Emerging Church As Best As I Remember it

Today I am speaking twice at Cliff College. My two lectures are [and yes, i changed the names]:

1. The Emerging Church, as best as I remember it
2. The Emerging Church: What were we thinking?

. . . or something like that. Should be a good day. Please say hello if you see me there. Thanks to my friend Ron Willoughby (Contemporary Christian Studies Tutor) for the invitation and for twisting arms to get me there. Emerging Church is one of the seven streams of Cliff College's postgraduate study and integrated into the undergraduate program. I love the way they describe the Cliff experience:


Being at Cliff is:
* not quite the same as being at a regular university
* different from being at other Bible Colleges
* sometimes similar to living in a monastery
It's about community, and being centred on a common goal, on seeking to live a holy life, sharing our faith and encouraging one another to be the people God wants us to be.

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