The Emerging Church As Best As I Remember it
Graham Cray on Fresh Expressions

Cliff Lectures: The Emerging Church Movement is a Sustainable Church Movement

Hey - thanks to all the students for a fun time and for being so nice. One person said it was the best lecture EVER! Thanks. I will put that on my business card . . . if I ever get one.

Heres a link to some of the emerging church stuff i was talking about - and it has quite a number of links to other people I mentioned that have tried their best to summarize the emerging church. Some doing a much better job than me because I am quite subjective and get bored easily and always want to move on to the next thing. Sorry. What was I saying? Ron and I are debriefing right now at the Devonshire Arms and we just read an old blog post of mine that weaves the Princess Bride movie with a defense of postmodernism. Thanks for turning up and asking good questions. Love to keep in touch with you and hear what you get up to in your efforts to serve what God is doing in the emerging culture. Blessings.

One thing from the talks - The emerging church movement is a sustainable church movement and as the country enters recession, as budgets tighten, and as creativity is ignited, the emerging churches have already learned to start off without a budget, without buildings, without paid professionals and can offer the wider church the gift of their experience - which means that the mission of Christ can still go forward and even thrive, despite the economic woes around us.