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Missional and Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch clears up the word "missional" for an American audience at Leadership Journal. Good article and I totally back up Alan, not just because he is a good mate, but also because he is right. Although I would argue with Alan, most probably over a beer, that the word "emerging" and "emergent" has been used consistently for a good century NOT as a renewal movement, as Alan suggests, but rather as a description of the new forms of church in pioneer missionary (overseas) settings, and in the past 40 years to refer to the new forms of church arising as a result of intentional mission in the home countries. However, not everyone reads old mission books like us geeks and the meaning of words is always in constant flux . . . so I will cut Alan some slack.

Speaking of Alan and loving disagreements, Dan Kimball had some missional misgivings recently and Alan responded with some good . . . um . . response. Its called "Dan Kimball on Missional Church Effectiveness".

Related: Did you ever read Alan's book The Forgotten Ways? It's excellent and it should be on your bookshelf. Heres more info.

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