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Adventure: Its what comes after Advent

Happy New Year! Let me apologize for a boring 2008 in my personal life and a blog that reflected it. 2009 should be a better one for us. Godwilling, 2009 should be an adventure.

Adventure: Dictionary defintion: adventūra what must happen, fem. (orig. neut. pl.) of L adventūrus fut. participle of advenīre to arrive. See advent

Wikipedia definition: "An adventure is an activity that comprises risky, dangerous and uncertain experiences. The term is more popularly used in reference to physical activities that have some potential for danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and extreme sports. The term is broad enough to refer to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with risk, such as a business venture or a major life undertaking. An adventurer is a person who bases their lifestyle or their fortunes on adventurous acts."

It makes sense to me that the Advent season, as that time to reorient our lives around the coming or arrival of Christ, should lead naturally to a risky, dangerous and uncertain adventure. This was certainly true of people who followed God in the Biblical account. It was true for followers of Christ through history. And it should be true for us today. I see my life, and the life of my family who follow Christ with me, as a risky, dangerous and uncertain adventure and yet I know that he is able to keep us safe and bring us to our final destination. I see my blog as a way to make visible that adventure. To share it with others. To offer it up for accountability and advice so that I might be corrected and made wiser.

I apologize if my blog has been boring in 2008. There have been many occasions when I should have picked up my armour and leapt into battle, jumped on that train, despite not knowing the destination or how I would return. There were moments when I should have sung loudly but instead I swallowed my words. Sorry about that!


This months banner is from a photo I took in Ireland a few months ago. I called it "Moss". It reminds me of my missed opportunities last year due to sitting around, playing it safe, and collecting moss. But it also points to the Irish spirit of adventure that characterized the Celtic monks who left Ireland on pilgrimage around the world.

Pray for our family in 2009. We feel God leading us to launch out once again in a more radical way than we have done for many years. We have given notice at our apartment and are fixing up a truck so that we can live in it full time and get to all the places we feel God wants us to ARRIVE at. We expect to be in at least 20 countries in 2009 and will be tracking what God is doing there, as well as finding and encouraging the next generation of missional entrepreneurs. There are people who are cheering us on in this adventure but also a few people who feel we should instead be settling down, saving for a deposit on a home, allowing our kids the luxury of sameness and stillness. I want to prove them wrong. I need to show that the safest place in the world for our kids is the center of God's intention for them, the path marked out for our family.

I pray that 2009 will be a year of adventure for you and your household. It will look different than ours but will just as important to God. If you choose to blog it, please let me know so we can follow your pilgrimage. Have a wonderful adventurous 2009!