Emerging Underground Ministries Roundtable
On Being Prepared for Worship Experiences

Cyberchurch and Online-Church Symposium

Invitations go out tomorrow for an informal meeting with creators of cyberchurch and online church communities. So far, we have verbal commitments from Church of Fools/St Pixels, I-Church and Bobby Gruenwald from the Lifechurch.tv online community in Second Life, as well as a few published experts on the topic. Should be a really good time.

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The dinner and discussion will be in London, March 14th. Its NOT for churches that supplement their ministry with virtual communities but rather its for leaders of communities that meet primarily online and perhaps occasionally have physical meet-ups. And for geeky creators of virtual environments used for these meetings. Do you know of anyone that really needs to be there at this Symposium? Send me an email.

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