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One Million Decide to Follow Jesus

UPdate: One million reached tonight. Well done Eric!! A big moment for the web!

Original: You might want to consider deciding to follow Jesus today BECAUSE . . not only will you be restored to your Creator . . and enter eternal life . . but you might also be the one millionth person to make a decision to follow Jesus on my friend Eric Celerier's website. No prizes, btw, for being the one millionth person. Not from Eric, anyway.

Heres a screenshot from a few seconds ago. The real thing is at , a site developed by ( where you can watch the decisions in real time. You can Google earth them if you want.

Picture 6-3

Hey - no cheating you Christians - you cant do it twice [dont think i cant see you!]

Eric invites you to join him tonight: "At 6pm CET (Central European Time), we will praise the Lord with all the faithful Internet Users of our French portal:, live on our Top Tv:"