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Reforming or Conforming? Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church

A really good book came in the mail two days ago. Reforming or Conforming? Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church. I always said that when a book of a decent calibre comes out as a corrective to the emerging church, I would give it some airplay and consideration on the blog. Although I think it misses the mark at many points, its probably a better critique of the emerging church movement [or EmergentVillage, to be precise] than any other I have come across. Its well written, not condescending, not patronizing and it offers some good advice for the wider evangelical church.

And its Sunday today. I have a bit of spare time and it might be a good way to spend it. No promises - I might not finish it today and I might not make it to the best 2 chapters in the book (Johnson and Gleason) but I will give it a shot and will add links below when there is something to post. Feel free to jump in and leave your own comments. Here we go.

Reforming or Conforming? Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church, edited by Gary Johnson and Ronald Gleason.
Introduction by Gary L.W. Johnson.
Chapter 1 - The Doctrine of Scripture: Only a Human Problem, by Paul Wells.
Chapter 2 - Sola Scriptura as an Evangelical Theological Method, by John Bolt
Chapter 3 - No Easy Task: John Franke and the Character of Theology, by Paul Helm
Chapter 4 - Whosoever Will Be Saved: Emerging Church, Meet Christian Dogma, by R. Scott Clark
Chapter 5 - "Right Reason" and Theological Aesthetics at Old Princeton Seminary: The "Mythical Evangelical Magisterium" Reconsidered, by Paul Kjoss Helseth
Chapter 6 - Cornelius Van Til: "Principled" Theologian or Foundationalist? by Jeffrey C. Waddington
Chapter 7 - Church and Community or Community and Church, by Ronald N. Gleason
Chapter 8 - It's "Wright", but is it Right? An Assessment and Engagement of an "Emerging" Rereading of the ministry of Jesus, by Guy Prentiss Waters
Chapter 9 - Joyriding on the Downgrade at Breakneck Speed: The Dark Side of Diversity, by Phil Johnson
Chapter 10 - Entrapment: The Emerging Church Conversation and the Cultural Captivity of the Gospel, by Martin Downes
Chapter 11 - Saved from the Wrath of God: An Examination of Brian McLaren's Approach to the Doctrine of Hell, by Greg D Gilbert
Chapter 12 - The Emergent Church, by Gary Gilley

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