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Money, Debt Recession and the Bible

Two days I ago I was invited to preach at the local Baptist church for this weeks service - which happens in abut 20 minutes. Its not far to walk. My topic will deal with this economic recession and what Jesus taught about money - which was a heck of a lot. More than any other topic, I believe. The message will be about avoiding debt, greed (Prov 30), and hoarding (Mt. 6:19-34) and instead pursuing trust (Mk 12:38-41), generosity (2 Cor 9:6-12) and contentment (I Tim. 6:3-19)

I made this animated GIF a few years ago. Here it is again.


I was reading a little on the relationship between the Reformation and capitalism, but not enough to speak fluently and with accuracy. It was interesting to see the Reformer's attitude towards "avarice" and debt and how churches would punish the money lenders for usury that went above acceptable levels - levels that we have seen recently. The church has not had much of a voice in the events leading to this recession [and many churches have bought into it] but maybe the church will speak wisdom into our currently circumstances and offer a way out that is not reliant on more debt, more buying, and more greed.