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4x4 Overlander: What We Still Need

People have been asking what we still need to equip our overlander truck for our mission journeys. Thanks for asking.

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We still need:
- A really good 24 volt fridge so we can keep Abigail's insulin cold. We were given an old one but the doctors told us it was too risky for our 12 month's supply of insulin.
- 2 big windows for the side (bigger the better) and a small one for kitchen. We were kicked out of our last camping ground in Edmonton [Lee Valley] because the owner said our vehicle "didn't look right". Windows will probably help.
- 2 solar panels have been offered. We could use 2 more.
- 2 leisure batteries
- Extra diesel tank
- 2 new tires on front. 22.5 and off-road capability. Rear tires are old but plenty of tread.
- Some mechanical genius to figure out how to raise the roof
- An awning big enough to host meetings and tall enough to fit our high vehicle, or plenty of canvass and poles.
- A woodstove light and strong enough.

If you can give us any of these parts, please send an email - tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com. Thanks.