In Chateauroux, France
It's Friday, but Sunday's a-Comin'!

Christianity's Dangerous Idea, by Alister McGrath

I am mostly finished with Christianity's Dangerous Idea by Alister McGrath, but not done yet. Its an enjoyable read about Protestantism - its origins and distinctives, in particular the dangerous idea that anyone can read and understand the Bible for themselves. Yesterday I was reading it in a park in France when some guys invited me for a beer and the next thing I knew I was explaining my book to French Catholics. It made me feel very PROTESTANT.

Picture 11-4

Its a good book and suitable for students. Alister covers the usual suspects and touches on worthy missions background to Protestantism's expansion but he also offers some unique insights - like the rise of the Bible belt in USA and how Anglicanism ended up north rather than down south. Interesting.

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