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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and My Little Chapter

Perspectivesreader-4Th170 articles from "150 mission scholars and practitioners". If you haven't read it then shame on you - you really should have. And the brand new updated edition is a great excuse to start. The fourth edition of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is now shipping and guess what . . . . I have a chapter in it. "Mission Comes Home" by Andrew Jones. Its a short biographical look at the idea of multi-directional missions in our post-Christian Western society. I share my story of being a short term missionary overseas and then returning to find my own country is just as needy, and in some cases, even more so. I also give some history of the "emergence" of new "missional" contextual models of church among the Western counterculture and how that has impacted the church landscape of today. And of course some practical tips in how to actually get started.

I was really amazed when they asked me to write this chapter. I have been a big fan of Perspectives since the first edition in the 80's and I have even taught part of the course before. I am pretty sure that my chapter is the only one that tackles mission to the West rather than from the West, but I will have to read the whole thing to be sure.

So, if you buy the book, or take the course [HIGHLY recommended] and want to chat about my little chapter, just leave a comment below.

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