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Baptists and the Emerging Church

Hi everyone from yesterday's Baptist meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks for coming to the meeting and for such an inspiring and encouraging afternoon. REALLY REALLY GREAT to be with you.

Here are some links related to our talk yesterday about emerging church, church planting, etc.

"The Emergent/Emerging Church: A Missiological Perspective" Dr. Ed Stetzer, Fall 2008, Vol. 5. No. 2. The Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry, The Baptist Center of Theology & Ministry: A Research Institute of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. You can download the PDF here. On the same document is a great response to Stetzer by Dr Jack Allen Jnr - its hilarious and clever and thoughtful. You will LOVE it!


- You will find information and thoughts on the Fourth Sector and mission here on my blog.
- Video of Dr. Francis Dubose who brought the "missional" term back into use in 1984.
- My thoughts on "missional"
- Tribute to Bro Thom Wolf

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