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Christian Surfers Tonight

I am speaking at the Christian Surfers International meeting tonight here in Portugal. Thanks to Buck Waters for the invitation. There is quite a group here of surfers from all over. Lots of Californians also. I have been hanging out a little with Scott Last and Marty Uhler (pictured) who are both with Christian Associates and both doing a lot with the surfing community.

Scott Surfboard-1Scott Last And Marty Uhler-1

I talked to Scot a while ago about the reason for the success of the gospel in the surfing community over the past few decades. Scott, who btw, was part of Calvary Chapel in the 1970-74 period when it meet in the tiny chapel, was quick to bring up the connection with creation and the Creator God. I added my observation that the Christian role-models have always had a healthy contextual attitude to the surfing culture that has allowed young surfers to follow Jesus without changing their clothes or language, but has also brought a challenge towards a transformational life-style. Its similar to the Christian movements in the snowboarding and skating communities. Another good reason for a healthy contextualization of the gospel.

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