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Reflections on the Jesus Freaks

Freakstock Festival 2009

We had a great time at Freakstock Festival, the yearly gathering of Jesus Freaks International. I have some photos on Flickr but here are a few quick moments on film.


This was the view out of our truck for the whole 3-4 days - people hanging out, talking, eating, praying, laughing. It was a really great time.


One of the bands packing up. Love the t-shirts here.


Al and Tina at our truck, along with Eric the hippie from California.


His grace Bishop Damian of the Coptic Orthodox Church had a good time. The Coptic Church bought this deserted army base a few years ago and offered it to the Jesus Freaks for their festival. They arrived 11 days early to paint and repair the facilities at their own cost - which I heard was very much appreciated.


Bishop Damian explained the Coptic cross to two of my daughters. 12 apostles, 4 evangelists, 3 . . . um . . . ooopps I forgot.


More activity outside our truck. Mirko, one of the original Jesus Freaks, is on the far left, making himself some coffee.


My friend Markus Leagel of 24/7 Prayer and his friend with some Lutheran nuns.


There they are with a Roman Catholic monk. What ecumenicists!!!!


Eric Schauer leading people in an old forgotten Michael Pritzl song. They are being photographed by . . . uh . . Michael Pritzl (of The Violet Burning) who probably recognized the song. Mustn't have been too bad.