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Loving the Church but Hating the Book

Bill Kinnon restores the art of writing a review on a book that you dont like. This has been a big issue for me. I am often sent rubbish books and I would rather not say anything at all than put up yet another negative review and have everyone mad at me. But maybe if some of us were more honest with their first book, rather than trying to be nice and encouraging, then perhaps the situation that Bill describes could have been avoided.

The book in question is Why We Love The Church by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck and Bill's review is the place to start.

Related: In a recent comment on the unsustainability of the Western traditional church model, I suggested that anyone that gets paid for 20 hours a week to sit in an office preparing a 30 minute sermon, like Kevin DeYoung, will most likely NOT be emergent and will love the church, or at least that kind of church. Sorry if that was out of line but Bill's review inspired me towards being a little more honest. I love the church also, but I cant condone a continued spending spree that will bankrupt us all.