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HPV Jab Death?

Terrible news: Today was the first known HPV jab death in UK. Our prayers are with the parents of 14 year old Natalie Morton. God's peace to you all in your loss!

BBC states that "Vaccination is not compulsory and consent is required before it is administered to the under-16s" but we found this to be not true for Scotland. We did not give consent, neither did our daughter, and she got jabbed anyway. Our hopes are that the government will stop insisting on this dangerous treatment but make it optional instead, and offer it through family physicians rather than through the school. The story of our daughter's forced jab last year in Scotland, and the horrible side effects, were well chronicled in the papers but nothing was done about it. My opinion? It is not well tested except for the fact that Brits are currently testing it for larger markets overseas and our kids are the guinea pigs. Anyone else here NOT WANT THE JAB?

On a plane to New York right now so i will not be able to respond to comments until the other side.